Spanish Book Juan Nadie

If you think that learning Spanish is complicated, I am going to tell you how to do it. And in less time than you think.

Juan Nadie story in Spanish. The story of a man who sold his soul Learn Spanish for beginners

I wrote this story in March 2020, when the world went suddenly crazy. I started to write and only stopped at the last final chapter. 

What happened at the end? You figure it out.

From 0 Spanish to upper beginner level in 12 chapters, ready? Vamos!

Download Juan Nadie Book

Juan Nadie book for complete beginners.

Learn Spanish from scratch with the story of a man who sold his soul.

In this book you´ll find:

  • An interesting story about a man who sold his soul. 
  • An opportunity to learn basic vocabulary, repeated that you´ll remember with no effort.
  • All the terms  on a glosary, more than new 200 words.
  • An amazing story with a more amazing end.
  • You can learn more than 200 new common words, that are repeated on the text.
  • Learn basic grammar with short explanations and links to grammar and vocabulary activities.
  • You will find examples of basic structures and expressions in Spanish.

    Juan Nadie Spanish for beginners. A novel of a. man. without a soul.

    What will you be able to after reading the book?

    • Understand stories in Spanish from day 1.  Read the story of Juan Nadie, a mysterious character who sold his soul.  You understand, you learn without effort.
    • Learn without complicated grammar rules, impossible to remember, so you will dedicate most of the time to practice Spanish by reading. Stop memorizing list of verbs, conjugations, an absolute waste of time. Because studying grammar is not practising. 
    • Understand native speakers in Netflix. Watching Narcos won´t be the same. Plata o plomo, huevón!
    • Order and enjoy a relaxing café con leche en la Plaza Mayor. There is a story behind…
    • Feel confident and relaxed while reading in Spanish. 
    • Enjoy learning how to learn Spanish on your own. I give you access to a selection of materials to find your way.
    • Tell people you learned Spanish yourself just by reading.
    • Ordering tapas in a restaurant.
    • Preparing the best sangria ever (well maybe that not)
    • Understanding Julio Iglesias songs (thats a point, right? 🙂
    • Throwing away Spanish learning books (tear all the pages, fire them up) Because in this book you have everything you need.
    • Learn español + simple with historias. Juan Nadie es 1 man inteligente, responsable and terriblemente unhappy…
    • Showing off you are gifted with languages because you are able to learn yourself with an only book, faster and easier.  Remember basic vocabulary, some grammar rules, and, Sorpresa, you are able to understand basic Spanish, so you able to use it in a simple conversation, ¿magia? No, es natural learning.
    Monica - Spanish tutor in Perth and Australia

    Hola, soy Monica, tu tutora de español

    My purpose is that you receive comprehensive information, thought storytelling techniques so you can process new vocabulary and grammar. Then, when you have processed this information you are ready to use it while interacting and playing with me or other students. This is not new, is the way we learn naturally a language, in a relaxed and effortless way. 

    I am Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, experience as Spanish tutor at UWA, and DELE examiner. 

    Spanish stories written by me

    I write things that I think might be interesting. Hope you like.

    The Spanish easy

    You will be able to understand from day one, without harrowing and twisted explanations about grammar.

    Adapted to your level

    I send you stories adapted to different levels of Spanish with translations.

    Professional, native Spanish tutor in Australia

    You will learn with me, a professional native tutor, with all my materials.

    Spanish based on storytelling

    You can accomodate, relax and listen or read the story. This is the first stage on your learning.

    The Natural Way to Learn a Language: Reading Easy English Books

    I love reading, I really like it! But I never had to read much in English when I was at school, and I studied for many years! A complete waste of time. I did not learned. I spent loooong classes learning about grammar or memorizing words.

    Until I gave up 🙁

    But it was all for good. I finally saw a improvement

    Doing what I liked the most. Do you want to know what I did? Reading lots and lots of books in English, easy English books I learned and I was very surprised that I did more in just few months that all years before.I acquired the language, not learned or studied. I said chao to the regular language learning methods, and Hola to what I thought it was my method.

    It was not.

    I later learned, that this is not new, it is the natural way to learn, and with stories its even better 😉

    Sign up and read the story of Juan Nadie, in Spanish! and you will understand, every single word.


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