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If you think that learning Spanish is complicated, I am going to tell you how to do it. And in less time than you think.

Listening Stories in Spanish

Stories move us, they are capable of lasting, they give sense and significance to our lives.

I teach Spanish by telling stories. I can tell you stories in Spanish that will stick in your mind. My job is to tell stories adapted to your level. 

Don’t worry, you’ll understand perfectly, that’s my job. If the story moves you, interests you and motivates you, you learn.

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Monica - Spanish tutor in Perth and Australia

Hola, soy Monica, tu tutora de español

My purpose is that you receive comprehensive information, thought storytelling techniques so you can process new vocabulary and grammar. Then, when you have processed this information you are ready to use it while interacting and playing with me or other students. This is not new, is the way we learn naturally a language, in a relaxed and effortless way. 

I am Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, experience as Spanish tutor at UWA, and DELE examiner. 

Learn Spanish with stories for beginners

You receive emails from Monday to Friday. Sometimes with stories writen by me. Sometimes I write about news, history, Hispan-American culture… For different levels, with translations.

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Spanish stories written by me

I write things that I think might be interesting. Hope you like.

The Spanish easy

You will be able to understand from day one, without harrowing and twisted explanations about grammar.

Adapted to your level

I send you stories adapted to different levels of Spanish with translations.

Professional, native Spanish tutor in Australia

You will learn with me, a professional native tutor, with all my materials.

Spanish based on storytelling

You can accomodate, relax and listen or read the story. This is the first stage on your learning.

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