Private Spanish Classes in Perth and online Spanish lessons

One-on-one lessons for 1 or 2

Do you prefer to learn on your own or maybe with your partner, a friend or your neighbourDo you want to learn in a friendly environment,in a private class alone or with the person of your choice?

With a private classes subscription you can attend any group class during the week, you heard me, the group classes are included. Maybe I went nuts, don´t know, but sign up before I change my mind.

1 Private lesson


  • 45 minutes/lesson ONLINE or Perth
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, and Booklet

10 Private lessons package


  • 45 minutes/lesson ONLINE or Perth
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, and Booklet

20 Private lessons package


  • 45 minutes/lesson ONLINE or Perth
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, and Booklet
Monica - Spanish tutor in Perth and Australia

Hola, soy Monica. I am your Spanish tutor in Australia

You can book class with me and learn more about how to learn Spanish.

Book a class a I tell you the best way to learn.

I tell you the story about how I struggled with my English and how this helped me to learn how to learn, in Spanish! 

In this first lesson I show you all the materials, how to use them, and design your personalise language path. Are you ready?

Spanish online lessons, private, two people or small groups

Look no further. You will not regret, promise. Book a first class to try our lessons, and get the Spanish booklet. Small is great!

Professional, native Spanish tutor in Australia

You will learn with a professional native tutor, with learning materials provided to you.

Spanish classes based on storytelling and interaction

You can accomodate, relax and listen to the teacher. This listening work is the first stage on your learning. Everybody can learn a language easily and have fun!

The Spanish easy

You will be able to understand from day one, without harrowing and twisted explanations about grammar. You will receive input through storytelling, the way without effort and having fun!

Loving mistakes

Because when we speak about mistakes, I am the queen. Because making errors is the only way, welcome to Errorland. You will learn in a very relaxed environment.

Kids lessons

Learn in an enjoyable environment, with games, role plays, and stories, opportunities for you to practice with confidence, so you get the most of your class.

How can you learn with my private spanish lessons in perth?

With my private Spanish lessons in Perth, you will learn through the power of storytelling. Stories have the ability to make a lasting impact, giving meaning and purpose to our lives. I ensure that you understand every aspect of the story, sparking your interest and motivation to learn. By connecting with the story, you will acquire Spanish skills effortlessly and enjoyably, making your language learning experience both effective and enjoyable.

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