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How to learn to speak Spanish fluently, fast for beginners at home, in 10 months
Online Spanish lessons and Spanish classes about Hispanic culture
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Blanbla Spanish lessons is my personal project, I offer online Spanish lessons in Perth, Australia with an unique approach to learning Spanish language and culture. My online Spanish lessons focus on using culture-based stories to teach the language, rather than traditional grammar-based methods. This allows my students to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries in my Spanish classes, while learning in a fun and engaging way. My goal is to make learning Spanish classes accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous language experience. With me, you can become fluent in Spanish with conversation Spanish classes everyday, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the rich and diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Online Spanish classes, private Spanish lessons, and courses in Australia and Spanish lessons in Perth CBD and Cottesloe. Book a lesson with me. 

Spanish classes Group Courses

Small groups, where you will be able to enjoy with a good story, interaction, activities to understand and speak Spanish. Spanish for beginners and intermediate.
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Spanish Corporate

Our intensive and flexible corporate course is designed to make the process of studying Spanish effortless and enjoyable.
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Private Spanish lessons with a Spanish tutor.

You are a bit shy or have a very tight calendar. You can book with me in Perth or online (Zoom). Flexible and convenient.
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Spanish lessons and classes for Kids

With kids is sometimes difficult to keep them engaged and make them speak. Natural language acquisition as we learn our first language!
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My method is not a method, is the natural way we acquire a language. You did it once, you are able to do it again. Learn Spanish language and culture without noticing!
Spanish lessons for beginners everyday.
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When a person who has never studied languages in his life manages to learn and speak Spanish language and culture quickly and effortlessly, like children do, there must be something special about his way of learning languages.
Do you want to know what is it?
If you think that learning Spanish is too complicated, I am going to tell you how to do it. And in less time than you think. If you want to receive Spanish classes and lessons for Spanish fast track learning is here:

Group Spanish lessons Prices
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Group Spanish classes

1 hour class
Perth and online

15USD/ class

Group Spanish
conversation Express

30 minutes class

8USD/ class

Group Spanish classes
monthly Subscription

99 AUD normal price

57USD/ month
  • Unlimited classes Perth CBD or online
  • Access to online materials, books, and weekly planning, curated materials and Booklet, recording of classes…
  • Small groups 
  • Purchase private Spanish classes, only 38$/class.

Renews automatically. Not interested anymore? You can cancel or pause subscription with a click. If you are unsure about your level, book a 15 minutes private class with me for an assessment.

Group Spanish classes
3 month Subscription

297 AUD normal price

165USD/ 3month
  • Unlimited classes Perth CBD or online
  • Access to online materials, books, and weekly planning, curated materials and Booklet, recording of classes…
  • Small groups 
  • Purchase private Spanish classes, only 38$/class.

Renews automatically. Not interested anymore? You can cancel or pause subscription with a click. If you are unsure about your level, book a 15 minutes private class with me for an assessment.

Send me an email if you need more info about my Spanish classes 

We offer two different type of Spanish classes
Available with all the packages. Spanish classes everyday face-to-face and online Spanish classes.
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Spanish class with story level 1, 2 and 3 – 1 hour class (ONLINE, Perth CBD, Cottesloe). Get ready to dive into a hilarious story in Spanish. Don’t sweat it if your Spanish skills are a bit rusty – I’ve got your back! I’ll dig up the juiciest stories from Hispanic culture and serve ’em up in a way that even your grandma’s pet parrot can understand. Let’s do this! 🦜💃🌮

Spanish conversation express  level 1, 2 and 3 – 30 minutes (ONLINE). Today’s class is all about chatting it up. We’ll be diving into topics straight outta storyland. No need to stress, I’ve got your back on this one. I’ll be serving up some sentence starters, slick vocab words, and simple questions to get that convo flowing. Let’s do this!

Check my Spanish classes and schedule.
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Access all the interactive resources and Spanish classes

Think of me as your own personal resource fairy godmother, here to make your learning journey a heck of a lot easier. You’re welcome!

Every week, you get the inside scoop on all the juicy stories I have cooked up for you – complete with a dramatic reading of the class recordings.

We’ve got everything from catchy songs to entertaining readings, and even some interactive grammar tools to make learning more fun than a fiesta!

Check out the “Juan Nobody Starter Kit” – complete with a Spanish instruction booklet, the thrilling Juan Nobody novel, and a top-notch audio recording included on the resources.

Shared folder with resources adapted to your level
Weekly class preparation and recording of classes
Spanish resources for beginners and elemental levels
Access to Spanish for beginner Juan Nadie package
How to speak Spanish book - download this free book

How to speak Spanish with a Greek philosopher, a soulless man, an alien, and Pablo Escobar

Learn how to learn Spanish with my stories, tips, and more.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to speak Spanish faster and cheaper in less time! Get ready to impress all your amigos without breaking the bank!
  • The most common and biggest mistake when we learn Spanish.
  • Why did I despise Duolingo, when I stumbled upon something absolutely crucial that was missing? In this magical book of mine, you shall find out.
  • Useful resources and tips, along the book and at the end of it.
  • Why would conversation classes not be able to help you speak Spanish?
  • Why can a Greek philosopher, teach you how to learn Spanish, or anything else, and even how to live your best life?
  • Why do we waste 80% of our time and money when learning Spanish?
  • How to dedicate more time to learning Spanish without even realizing it, and make it a blast!
  • How to make it so that every day you’re dying to get home just to study Spanish.
  • Why would some random John Doe (Juan Nadie) teach you Spanish better than your actual professor, a Spanish textbook, or an app?
  •  How about learning Spanish from the most infamous drug lord of all time? Pablo Escobar.
  • This little alien dude is having the time of his life, partying it up at the craziest Hispanic fiestas this planet has to offer!
  • Direct download, no e-mail required
Monica - Spanish tutor in Perth and Australia

Hola, soy Monica, your aussie Spanish tutor

My purpose is that you receive comprehensive information, thought storytelling techniques so you can process new vocabulary and grammar. Then, when you have processed this information you are ready to use it while interacting and playing with me or other Spanish students. This is not new, is how we learn naturally a language, in a relaxed and effortless way. I offer online Spanish lessons in Australia and classes in Perth CBD.

I am Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, experience as Spanish tutor at UWA, and DELE examiner. 

This is what I do in my Spanish classes. Check out my Spanish lessons Youtube

Save yourself a lot of time, effort, frustration and money

Learn without learning grammar. No grammar, no drama!

Learn Spanish with stories quickly, easily, and fun

The power of being calm and relaxed in class for learning Spanish

The most effective method of speaking Spanish in my classes

  • Understand stories in Spanish from day 1.  Listen and read the story of Juan Nadie, a mysterious character who sold his soul.  You understand, you learn without effort. With funny stories.
  • Learn Spanish without complicated grammar rules, impossible to remember, so you will dedicate most of the time to practice Spanish, listening, reading and interacting. Stop memorizing list of verbs, conjugations, an absolute waste of time. Learn to learn and go from beginner to intermediate in less time. Have fun, while you study Spanish.
  • Feel confident and relaxed in Spanish class (even if you are a beginner) while listening to the story of an alien in Madrid. Fun, fun, fun.
  • Enjoy learning how to learn Spanish on your own. I give you access to a selection of materials to find your way.
  • Learn about cultura and tradition with stories With the story of an alien visiting the main carnavals in Latinamerica, Christmas and Easter festivities around the Spanish World…

Online Spanish classes and in Perth
Check courses schedule and book a trial class
Courses for beginners, intermediate and advance Spanish students

Access to my materials and free Spanish books here

Check out my emails with Spanish stories, tips, and be informed about next events…

Download my free books and Spanish booklets

Check out my Youtube Channel with more stories and classes

Learn Spanish in Spain with me


Got a question? We’re here to help.

Monday to Saturdays 9 am-8 pm

You don’t have to make a decision now, just book a trial lesson and decide later. We will provide all the information and terms to the student, during the session and you can ask all the questions there.

Credit card, Stripe and Paypal

Our languages centre is in Perth, 379 Hay Street, Pert but we offer classes at home (Perth area) and online. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

the student can attend anywhere in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane… If you have not tried yet, you should. Book a Spanish class or contact to know how a class is like in Zoom or in person.

All levels, from beginners to advance. Please contact and book a class to assess your Spanish level.

Student, you can enrol any time, in April, May or July…, any day of the week, you can start whenever you like and cancel anytime.

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You can attend as many classes as you want, on Perth CBD, online. Wether you are in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, try one of our courses. You have access to all materials and video records, you do not have excuses to miss a lesson.

Access to my Dropbox

I give you access to my materials, books, readings, songs, video-classes, all materials for your course, all adapted to your level. All content provided.

You are invited to School events by the face (free)

Spanish Book Club every last Saturday of the month, cheaper tickets to social events, Christmas party, special courses and activities, etc.

What Our Students Have to Say

I absolutely love Monica’s teaching style as it makes it so easy to learn Spanish in a practical way. By telling stories and using news, ads and music we’re able to easily process the language to learn to understand what’s being said. Personally I find this way of teaching to be easily digestible. Highly recommend this school if you’re looking to learn Spanish!
Nicola Roque
Nicola Roque
I always enjoy Monica's classes - she is a highly qualified Spanish teacher and examiner, she has an interesting approach to the language through current affairs, films and culture, and she is very supportive, especially through moments when progress feels slow.
Robyn Owens
Robyn Owens
Monica is the gentlest and most patient Spanish teacher I have ever had. She provides guidance when I need it, but she never makes me feel bad for not knowing how to express myself. I highly recommend BlanBla for anyone looking for Spanish classes!
Robyn Patrick
Robyn Patrick
Totally recommend classes and storytime with Monica. It is like being a child again. I am looking forward to listening to these stories every week. I am amazed how much I have learned.
Reynaldo Christian
Reynaldo Christian

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How to speak Spanish book - download this free book