Book Club in Spanish

Discussing literature is an efficient way to develop your language skills. Join our monthly book club in Perth or online


Learn while having fun

Joining a book club is a great way to stay connected with a community of like minded readers and expand understanding of what literature has to offer.

We will discuss about the book chosen

A basic level of Spanish is required to get the most of the learning experience, a A2 level for beginners and B1 or B2 for advance readers

Everybody is welcome!

But, if you are a Blanbla student you can attend these events for free.

Next Meeting

Spanish book Club Perth and online

Last Saturday of the month, 3.00 pm -4.00 pm

Spanish Book Club for beginners: A short story of Spanish Civil War

Why joining the Spanish book Club

1.     It’s a great opportunity to practice your language skills in a dynamic setting.

2.   You will have friends to discuss what you read. 

3.   It’s the perfect link to get deeply into Spanish culture and social aspects.

4.   It provides a welcome change from normal class formats.

5.   Hearing other readers’ perspectives on the same story might change your own ideas.

6.   Literature has the extraordinary capacity of provoking community and conversation and encouraging critical thinking.

How does it work?

1.     Read the book at your own pace (or at least attempt to). You should be able to read and understand the book chosen, for this reason to attend to this Book Club you must have a A1-A2 level for beginners Book club and B1-B2 advance Book Club.

2.   Speak up! Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Everyone’s opinion matters. Let your voice be heard the last Saturday of the month for 1.5 hours 3-6.30 pm or around.

3.   Bring questions.

4.   During the meetings, we will start a discussion on anything you hadn’t understood in the passages and review unusual vocabulary, structures or cultural issues. Once we will warm up, we will move open the discussion up into a wider debate.

5.   Don’t forget your glass of anything you want. We suggests a drink-food pairing inspired by the book, so you can taste the words you’re reading.

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How to speak Spanish book - download this free book