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Learn Spanish with Minecraft

With Minecraft Education, the educational game from Microsoft, students can enhance their Spanish communication skills right from the start by engaging in situations that mimic real-life scenarios.

Minecraft group classes
8 classes

All levels


  • 45 minutes/class ONLINE or North Fremantle
  • Small groups 
  • 2 kids? Use the code 2KIDS and get a 10% discount
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One-on-one lessons for 1 or 2,
online Spanish lessons or Perth based

Do you prefer to learn on your own or maybe with your partner, a friend or your neighbourDo you want to learn in a friendly environment,in a private class alone or with the person of your choice?

1 Private lesson


  • 45 minutes/lesson ONLINE or Perth
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, and Booklet

10 Private lessons package


  • 45 minutes/lesson ONLINE or Perth
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, and Booklet

20 Private lessons package


  • 45 minutes/lesson ONLINE or Perth
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, and Booklet

Learn, Speak & Play in Spanish,
with stories, games, cooking and culture
Spanish fun for kids!

In Blanbla Spanish, our Spanish teachers, teach Spanish language and culture through a sequence of activities to impulse their learning process and increase their ability to learn a second language with a communicative approach. We will promote the use of languages in different contexts with stories that keep students engaged and spark their creativity.

Spanish language and cooking

Get ready to spice up your taste buds and whip up some Spanish goodness with our niños cooking fiesta! Join us as we embark on a mouthwatering adventure, where language and culinary skills collide. Let’s taco ’bout how we’ll turn your little ones into future master chefs, all while sprinkling some español into the mix.

Spanish language and cooking
Full term 8 classes

All levels


  • 75 minutes/class at Claremont or online
  • Online materials, books, and weekly planning, curated materials and Booklet. Ingredients included.
  • Small groups 
  • 2 kids? Use the code 2KIDS and get a 10% discount.
  • Thursdays 4 pm, Saturdays 11 am

Send me a message if you have interest in Minecraft private or group classes and questions…

I am Monica - Spanish tutor in Perth and Australia

Hola, soy Monica

My purpose is that they receive comprehensive information, thought storytelling techniques so they process new vocabulary and grammar without even noticing! Then, they are ready to use it while interacting and playing with me and other students. This is not new, is the way we learn naturally a language, in a relaxed and effortless way. 

I am Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, experience as Spanish tutor at UWA, and DELE examiner. 

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Do you want the best for your child?

As parents we all want the best for our kids and we want our child to be able to understand and speak languages.



I am a mother of two, 7 and 3 years old, and I am not going to do anything special to teach the language, I am not going to teach them grammar, I am not going to teach them endless lists of vocabulary, nothing to memorize… I am just going to speak comprehensible Spanish, play in Spanish, suggest reading books in Spanish that interest them, we are going to create stories in Spanish together, cooking, playing Minecraft…the opportunities are endless.

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I am not going to tell you how important and beneficial it is for kids to learn Spanish, you probably know it already. But I am going to explain how easy is it, using as a reference S. Krashen, one of the most important linguists, who has studied language learning acquisition.

“We acquire a language when we understand it” That is why it is necessary to expose them to understandable language from a young age, with games, stories and in everyday life making what they hear or read understandable.


“We need attractive input, otherwise no one listens” The input is what they listen to and read and it should be fun and entertaining for them. If there is no fun, there is no attention.


“Our job as a teacher is not to force people to speak. Do not rush the acquisition process. We have to give input to our students” It is not necessary to force. Just facilitate listening, entertaining and understandable reading, it’s that easy. Forcing to speak is useless and you have to respect the natural process of acquisition. When they are ready and confident, they will speak.


“To be successful in language acquisition, anxiety must be zero” With fun materials, interesting stories, games, this is achieved and children learn more. Who does not like a good story, playing with friends or family, it is an environment of trust and love. The acquisition is a natural process, it is acquired without being conscious and that is wonderful!

Online classes or Perth based
Private Lessons for Kids
Spanish for kids with music, songs, stories, spanish games, and spanish resources for kids.
All ages, young kids and older.

What is our course for children based on?

Curricular program of the Office of Spanish Education in Australia for first and second language learning at levels A1 (one school year), A2 (two school years), B1 and B2 (four years), and C1 (three years)

Project-based learning. We plan activities, situations and projects they enjoy: “Learning by doing”. Making sure they listen and read and comprehend Spanish with ease.

Program based on the treatment of emotions and self-esteem in the classroom.

A basic requirement for effective Spanish learning is the creation of a positive and motivating climate in the classroom.

 Inclusion of cultural elements and awareness of cultural diversity in different Spanish-speaking countries. 

“Our objective as a teacher is to take students to an intermediate level so that they can continue learning independently” S. Krashen


And this is also my goal. Offer tons of input in the form of stories in Spanish. Foster a love for reading, the language and their culture until they can do it for themselves.


If you want to know what I’m talking about and how I apply it in my classes with stories and games, book a trial class and I’ll explain. 


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