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You are a social animal. Spanish without effort.

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You are a bit shy or have a very tight calendar. Flexible and convenient.

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Natural language acquisition as we learn our first language!

So, you don't want to slosh through Spanish textbooks like a toddler in a puddle? You just want to chat with native speakers while globetrotting, or impress your boss at work—no pressure, right? Well, grab your metaphorical maracas and start practicing right NOW! Your future self will thank you when you’re ordering tacos without pointing at the menu like a confused tourist! 🥳🌮

Back in my school days, speaking English was like trying to juggle flaming torches while riding a unicycle. Sure, I could ace a grammar test like a boss, but when it came to actually chatting? Let’s just say my mouth had a serious case of stage fright. Fast forward a few years, and I had a lightbulb moment: “Hey, I want to be a Spanish teacher!” The Master’s program was a blast—think less “boring lecture hall” and more “fiesta with textbooks!” But the real kicker? I discovered some wild secrets about language learning that flipped my world upside down like a piñata at a birthday party.

It’s as simple as deciding whether to keep reading or to grab a free class—where I’ll spill the beans in person! Spoiler alert: It might involve a lot of “¡Hola!”

Photo Monica Bernabe

Hola, soy Monica, your Spanish tutor in OZ

This is my personal project, I offer online Spanish lessons with an unique approach to learning Spanish language and culture. My Spanish lessons focus on using culture-based stories to teach the language, rather than traditional grammar-based methods. This allows my students to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries, while learning in a fun and engaging way. My goal is to make learning Spanish classes accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous language experience. With me, you can become fluent in Spanish with conversation Spanish classes everyday.

But hey, I’m here to make you feel as cozy as a cat in a sunbeam! You don’t have to say a word on the first dayno pressure! I totally respect everyone’s learning journey. Just a heads-up, though: if you stick around long enough, you’ll be chatting in Spanish like a pro!

Get ready to have your mind blown and your cultural horizons expanded!

Do you really want to speak Spanish in a few months? Well, let me cut to the chase – I don’t want to waste your time, or mine for that matter. I mean, who has time for that, right? Maybe you’re super pumped and have been scouring the internet for the best way to learn Spanish. Well, here’s the deal: the smart move right now is to snag a trial class. Who knows, it could change your life! Or maybe not, but hey, it’ll only cost you 5 minutes to book it. Show up, check out the class, and then decide if you want to jump on board with me. Why? Because I don’t want any party poopers in my class, you feel me? No worries, I won’t be hounding you to sign up for more classes. You’re free to check out the competition or even go hang out with Duolingo. But seriously, you won’t regret booking this class. Trust me on that one.

Book a private class with me if you are looking for private classes or don´t know what you are looking for. Are you a social animal? I see you in my next group class.

Efficient Spanish Learning in Perth: How to Save Time, Effort, and Money While Having Fun in your Spanish lesson

LOOK, everybody can learn a new language, but the problem is, that most students do not invest his time efficiently, then we dedicate more time, effort and money that we should, and the experience is not always nice and definitely it is not fun. Learning Spanish, as learning any new language is hard 🙁

Very few students know how to speak Spanish faster, effortlessly and cheaply, but if you keep reading I'll tell you how, and for free. Do you have two minutes? Keep reading

If you continue reading is because you want to go from beginner to intermediate in only a several months, or improve your Spanish to advanced level, anyway. No matter where your starting point is, there is a secret for speaking Spanish in no time and it is not, perseverance, is not studying 10 hours per day, it is not motivation... It is studying more efficiently and focus in the way we learn languages. Learn more in less time, learn more with no effort, but how?

The natural way of learning Spanish.
You did it once, you remember? You were able to speak a language, one or more languages, when you were a child. You are very well equiped to communicate, and you did it by listening, and later, reading.

Here is the clue, reading and speaking Spanish at your level so everything is totally comprehensive.

And you might think now 🤔 , if it is so simply, why do I need a teacher, wait... I didn´t say you need one, but maybe it will make the work easier by finding and sharing speacial materials for you. I can tell you, finding appropiate and interesting texts and videos for beginners and elementary levels is NOT EASY.

Requires a lot of prospection.

I spent hours, and hours, searching and writing stories adapted to your level, and stories that you might find interesting, because...

The stories must be interesting:

Because a good and interesting story sticks in your brain.

And also, I use special storytelling techniques applied to the language acquisition.

Everything together is a powerful tool to learn and start speaking Spanish in no time. And now it is very easy, book a class with me and find out yourself.

No matter where you are, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, or Chimbambas, because the classes are the same in person or Zoom, try and book a free class. You don't have to pay or give me your credit card information. After the class you decide. You want to enrol? Show me the money!
If you don´t want, no worries. Not everybody like my classes 🙂
Enrol now in unlimited group weekly LIVE classes, materials, recording classes... Start learning NOW!

Spanish classes in Perth - Spanish Group courses
You are a social animal and prefer a small group of people to learn and interact.

One-on-one Spanish lessons for 1 or 2

Do you prefer to learn the Spanish language on your own or maybe with your partner, a friend or your neighbourDo you want to learn Spanish in a friendly environment, in a Spanish private class alone or with the person of your choice?

With a Spanish private lessons subscription you can attend any group class during the week, you heard me, the group courses are included. Maybe I went nuts, don´t know, but sign up before I change my mind.

Well... And now you are asking, is not this exactly what other Spanish language schools offer?

Other schools have not flexible schedule or the possibility to come to more than one class during the week. They don´t provide extra curated materials. Regular Spanish tutors won´t create stories and materials, and Spanish books adapted to your level and likes. Sometimes, schools have not professional teachers or people with short experience. They follow a boring book based on grammar exercises, booooring and waste of time.

Remember, life is short.

They advertise small groups in their Spanish courses, but you find a crowded class of 12 students or more (money and not education make the world go around). They hire underpaid tutors who are not motivate.
Our language centre is different. You don't study Spanish, you learn Spanish. You learn the learning process in online Spanish lessons or classes in Perth, your choice.
This is your Spanish language centre. The Spanish language easy and effortless.

Hola, soy Monica,
Your Spanish tutor in Perth, again

My purpose is that you receive comprehensive information, thought storytelling techniques so you can process new Spanish verbs, Spanish vocabulary, Spanish pronunciation and, Spanish grammar. Then, you are ready to use it while interacting and playing with me or other students. This is not new, is the way we learn naturally a language, in a relaxed and effortless way. The Spanish easier.

Spanish classes in Perth and Online Spanish lessons

I am a native Spanish tutor, Master of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, experience as Spanish tutor at UWA, and DELE examiner

Do you want to dive into the magical world of Spanish with me? If so, what are you waiting for? Book a class, NOW! Seriously, don’t make me send a mariachi band to your house! 🎺💃

All classes included

You can attend as many classes as you want, on Perth CBD or online. You have access to all materials and video records, you do not have excuses to miss a class.

Access to my Dropbox

I give you access to my materials, books, readings, songs, video-classes, all adapted to your level.

You are invited to School events by the face (free)

Spanish Book Club every last Saturday of the month, cheaper tickets to events, Christmas party, etc.

What Our Students Have to Say About
learning Spanish in Perth with us. They improve their Spanish..

I absolutely love Monica’s teaching style as it makes it so easy to learn Spanish in a practical way. By telling stories and using news, ads and music we’re able to easily process the language to learn to understand what’s being said. Personally I find this way of teaching to be easily digestible. Highly recommend this school if you’re looking to learn Spanish!
Nicola Roque
Nicola Roque
I always enjoy Monica's classes - she is a highly qualified Spanish teacher and examiner, she has an interesting approach to the language through current affairs, films and culture, and she is very supportive, especially through moments when progress feels slow.
Robyn Owens
Robyn Owens
Monica is the gentlest and most patient Spanish teacher I have ever had. She provides guidance when I need it, but she never makes me feel bad for not knowing how to express myself. I highly recommend BlanBla for anyone looking for Spanish classes!
Robyn Patrick
Robyn Patrick
Totally recommend classes and storytime with Monica. It is like being a child again. I am looking forward to listening to these stories every week. I am amazed how much I have learned.
Reynaldo Christian
Reynaldo Christian

Book a free trial class with me and learn more about how to learn Spanish

If you Book a Spanish trial class with me, you receive my book, Juan Nadie, my textbook and the mini-class

Who does not like a good Spanish story?

The most effective method
of speaking Spanish in Perth

  • You learn with my stories. Like Juan Nadie. Do you want to have a peak? Download the bundle, Spanish with soul: Juan Nadie Spanish book easy Spanish, Spanish booklet and recorded mini-class to start learning. Get it here
  • You’ll understand stories in Spanish from day 1.  In this course  you will learn Spanish words and phrases. Basic Spanish, Spanish for traveling, for business…You understand, you learn without effort.
  • You will learn without complicated grammar rules, impossible to remember, so you will dedicate most of the time to practice Spanish, listening, reading and interacting. 
  • Feel confident and relaxed in class while listening to the story of an alien in Madrid.
  • Enjoy learning how to learn Spanish on your own. I give you access to a selection of materials to fins your way. Spanish for fun!
  • Learn about cultura and tradition with stories With the story of an alien visiting the main carnavals in Latinamerica, Christmas and Easter festivities around the Spanish World… 


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